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Fathom brings together a highly experienced team of professionals with a broad knowledge and skill base. Our long history in the property sector with expertise spanning all phases of the project life cycle make us the perfect partner or guide. Our dedication and commitment to our partners is our prime consideration in building successful projects.


A considered approach to all projects sets the foundation for success. Establishing a plan and executing with intent is our fundamental approach to everything we do. Plan your work and work your plan.


Our depth of knowledge and ability to navigate complex projects paves the way to your success. Our directors work with you directly to guide, interpret, recommend and execute what is obvious and what is not. Fathom understands the driving factors of success and delivers with confidence.


We value our partners and client relationships and consider our role as an extension to your business. A collaborative approach delivers the best outcomes for us and our projects, and a good team environment will guarantee that expectations are exceeded.